Real Estate Asset Management

The investment performance of your real estate assets is significantly impacted by how well the property is managed. At Concorde Real Estate Company, Inc. our experienced professionals pride themselves on managing with the utmost concern for the realization of your goals. Concorde provides the highest quality customer services to your tenants and proactive management strategies to create and maintain enduring value. Our communications are at all times focused on delivering thoughtful and smart recommendations for success. We constantly work to meet the long and short term requirements.

Concorde's Real Estate Asset Management Services include the following:
     • Manage properties
     • Provide accounting and financial reports
     • Write and handle contracts
     • Supervise lease administration
     • Oversee project and construction management
     • Monitor real estate taxes and assisting with appeals

You can rely on Concorde to provide superior real estate asset management based upon up-to-the-minute communications; responsible, proactive, hands-on administration; long-term, dependable vendor relations; experience and professionalism.